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PE Products at Sangir:
Weld & solid rods
The Concept

High-rise residential towers and hotels need to have a fast and economical way of collecting and disposing garbage generated daily. It is highly impractical to have the building management staff collect trash door to door, nor do they prefer that the residents carry trash in the lifts. The simplest solution to this problem is a centralized collection system that enables users to dispose garbage at their convenience, at their individual floors and only manage the trolley room. Similarily in hotels, linen can be collected centrally via chute from individual floors of the hotel.

Kleanchute offers high quality & technologically advanced stainless steel chutes to assist in this centralized collection & disposal of waste or linen. Advanced solutions such as electronic interfaces, automatic cleaning systems, fire security alarm integration etc have made such chutes very safe to use and widely accepted worldwide.

Chute Sections:
Ventilation Section:
Automatic Brush Unit
Sanitizer & Disinfectant
Exhaust Fan
Weather Cowl
Bird / Insect Screen
Central Cleaning
Floor & Intake Section:
Intake Doors & hoppers
User Electronic Control
Intake Throat Section
Connecting Pipes
Fire Sprinklers
Discharge Section:
Fire Discharge Gate
Bi-sorter / Tri Sorter
Central Control Panel
Odour Control Unit

Chute Sizes:
350mm to 900mm
SS316 / SS304 / SS430 / Gi / Pe

Advantages of Chutes:
Buildings for timely waste collection
Waste segregation user level
Quick, simple and convenient disposal of waste
Safety & Security
Low cost method of controlling and disposing waste / linen

Applicable Standards:
NFPA 82: 2009
BS 1703:2005
NBC 2005, BIS
BIS 6924:2001
UL 10 B for Fire Rating

Recycling Eco-friendly Chutes
Segregated Waste Disposal System:

Recycling waste is the need of the hour with the several challenges the planet is facing from depletion of natural resources & changing climatic conditions. With several countries committing to handle these issues, it has become mandatory in several building codes to segregate trash in way which promotes maximum recyclability. Towards this effort, KleanChute provides user friendly green solutions as a part of its product portfolio. These solutions are being accepted worldwide especially where building or hotels plan to get IGBC / LEEDs certifications.

KleanChute chutes are fitted with a special diversion equipment at the bottom of the chute which assists in diverting the falling trash into respective bins.

The process works as follows:
  1. User approaches chute at his floor and has to select from one of 2 or tree switches available. (2 for Wet / Dry, 3 if more segregation required).
  2. The bi-sorter / tri-sorter at the bottom receives a signal and moves diversion flap to required position.
  3. Once done, it lights up a green light at user panel & releases door lock to let him open the door to dispose his trash.
  4. Door closes & locks becomes active again. The trolleys at the bottom now have respective trash ready to be sent for recycling, decomposition etc.
Electrical requirements & Technical Specifications: 24 VDC, 5A

Dimensions: 2.25x Chute Dia L x 1.2x Chute Dia W

Trash Compactor:
In buildings where waste generation volumes are substantial depending on higher number of occupants, floors or waste intensive offices etc., a compactor is used. Compaction of dry waste can lower volumes of waste by as much as 80%. The chute directly terminates into a compactor. Falling waste automatically activates the compaction function and waste is pressed together by a high tonnage ram. Compacted waste takes lesser space to store and hence fewer trips by maintenance team to clear the rubbish.

Electrical requirements & Technical Specifications:5 HP Microprocessor controlled

Dimensions: 45” (l)x 70” (h) x 40“(w) 40000 psi


  Chemical Resistance Chart
  Technical Data Sheet
  Safety Data Sheet
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PE Products at Sangir:
Weld & solid rods
Where to Install?
Chute may be indoor or outdoor, however fire regulations stipulate that when within the building they should be enclosed within a 2 hr. fire rated shaft. An indoor chute may pass through a floor slab or a vertical shaft.

Material of Construction:
Kleanchute strongly recommends the use of stainless steel for the manufacture of refuse chutes. Stainless steel has the advantage of being resistant to the humidity, acid and alkalis contained within refuse. SS has very high impact strength. For economy, Kleanchute also provides chutes from both GI however only for inland usage. SS is the material of choice and is available in SS 304, SS 430, SS 202. We hot-dip galvanize our angle framework for superior life.

Chute Thickness & Coatings:
We strongly recommend a minimum thickness of 1.5 mm (16 gauge for any type of chute). As building height increases higher thickness for bottom floor. For sound dampening coats a minimum DFT of chute thickness is recommended.

Intake Hopper Doors:
Doors should be UL listed and carry 1.5 hours fire rating minimum. Doors should be self closing on release & latching should be positive.

Shape of Chute:
To give an unimpeded free flow of refuse within a chute, the best shape has proved to be circular, Kleanchute chutes therefore have a circular cross section. We will make square section chutes to customers special requirements. Chute should be perfectly vertical and offsets are not recommended unless absoultely necessary, still no more than 15 deg and no more than one in two floors.

Correct Size of Chute:
NFPA prescribes that chutes should be a minimum 24" wide. However the following chute size are typically in use for clog free performance:
Plastic bag
Capacity (ltrs)
per chute
> 450 mm 12 ltrs 20+
> 500 mm 20 ltrs 30+
> 600 mm 40 ltrs 40+
> 750 mm 45 ltrs 60+
> 800 mm 50 ltrs 75+

Exhaust Fan:
Ensure fresh intake air is available in Trolley Room. 20-30 air changes per hr recommended depending on use.

General Disposal Guidance in various uses:
Type of User Formula Volume per week
Household / Residential 2 person / 1 house / 1 flat 0.3 m3
Offices 2 Per Person/10m 0.05 m3
(Total hotel wastebased
on number of rooms)
4/5 star hotel-per bed
2/3 star hotel-per bed
0.25 m3
Restaurants per cover (dining space) 0.75 m3
Fast Food Outlets per sale 0.005 m3
Canteens per cover 0.10 m3
Major Shopping Centres 2 per m of sales area 0.01 m3
Major Supermarkets 2 per m of sales area 0.015 m3
Secondary Supermarkets 2 per m of sales area 0.01 m3
Department Stores 2 per m of sales area 0.01 m3
Shops 2 per m of sales area 0.0075 m3
Hospitals per bed excl clinical 0.15 m3
Industrial Units 2 per m of floor space 0.005m3

  Chemical Resistance Chart
  Technical Data Sheet
  Safety Data Sheet
  Complete Catalogue

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PE Products at Sangir:
Weld & solid rods

Intake Hopper, Doors

The most important user interfacing part of the chute is the Intake Hopper Door. Kleanchute offers UL® 10B - 90 Min Rated Doors in various sizes depending on the type of chute provided. Following common types of doors used in Garbage & Linen Chutes:

Bottom Hinged
Standard Door

For Garbage Chute
UL 10B Rated for 90 mins
Full SS 304 Construction
Self Closing & postive Latch
Industriial Grade parts
Full Length SS Hinge
Key Lock available
Bottom hinged door with
Electronic interlocking option

Has electronic interlocking
Allows one user at a time.
Chute shut down possible
Can connect with Fire Alarm
BMS configurable
Power Efficient design, 24VDC
Side Hinged door with Electronic Interlocking
Side hinged for linen disposal
180 Deg Opening
Full SS Length Hinge
Keyed Access
Electronically Interlocked
Power Efficient design, 24VDC

Segregated Garbage Chute Doors - for Recycling Chutes
2 Way or 3 way selection
User Panel in SS box in frame
Intelligent & Efficient Design
Remotely Controllable option
Configuration with Exhaust,
Compactor, Bi-sorter
Beeper Alarm each floor
Floor Communication
Advanced signalling possible when trash container is full
Set floor level usage times
Emergency, Maintenance System

Height x Width
(in inches)
16", 18" , 20 " 12" x 15", 15" x 15”
20", 22", 24 " 15" x 18", 20"x 20", 16" x 24”
24", 26", 28” 16" x 24", 20"x 24”
larger sizes 16" x 24", 22"x 24”
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Chute Body, Coating Options, Floor Frames

The intake door hopper is affixed to the throat of the floor intake section that helps carry the trash or linen through the chute veritical duct. Kleanchute has a special double slope design for centering the trash within the chute. A distinct feature the design is also the swaging and mechanical crimping done one end of the the chute sections. This provides excellent circular dimensionsal stability to the chute and enhance long term leak proof performance.

For smaller thickness , a majority of the chute sections are mechanically seam locked, instead of seam welding. This assists in preventing corrosion to a great extent.

Anti Corrosive Exterior Coat

Thickness - approx 0.3 to 0.5mm
Bitumen based or Special Anti corrosive
Color Black or as per custom choice

Sound Dampening Coat

Thickness = base chute body thickness
Reduces Sound level upto 5-15 db
Color - Black
Daubert or Equivalent Paint

Custom Coats, Fire Intumscent or Lacquer

Thickness - approx 0.3 to 1mm
Custom Colors & designs
Used mostly for exterior
NFPA regulates no more than 15 Deg offset should be used.
Not recommended unless completetelyinevitable.
Should return to plumb on same floor andmaximum one offset in two floors.
Sometimes offset provided at bottom sectionwith high impact plate to cut the velocity of dropping garbage.
Floor Frames
Cut, shaped and drilled from 35x35x3mm or 50x40x5mm mild steel angle with a rigid, welded construction.
The sections connect with the frame with J hooks
The frame is rustproofed for internal use and hot dip galvanized for external use.
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Chute Termination And Fire Discharge Gate

A Trash / Grabage chute may differ from a Linen chute primarily in the way it terminates at the bottom, where the Garbage chute end into a trolley. Hotels and hospitals that use Linen chute install sorting tables at the bottom end of the chute to ensure that Linen can be sorted as it is recieved. In either cases, it is recommended to have a fire cut off door which will close the chute down in case there is a fire in the trolley room.

Type ’C’ Automatic Fire Shutter Door

An fusible link held sliding gate placed at an 15 Deg angle sweeps in even of fire and temperature rises to 68 Deg C. The gate is 1.5 Hr 250 Deg Fire Rating. Manual Cut off doors are also available
A Linen chute may terminate in a sliding decelerating track as a solidly packed bag of soiled linen achieves a reasonably high terminal velocity. For shorter buildings, An 45 Deg sliding bottom section consisting of a sloped outlet and top hinged door is available. The bottom section is held in place with use of a length adjustable support. It is still recommended to have a fire door for safety.
Type 'D' Hung Doors

A fusible link holds the gate which is held top hinged connected with spring counter balance. As temperature rises to 68 Deg C, 1.5 hr rated gate drops and is held closed by two retaining catches.
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Automatic Brush Cleaning System

A cylindrical housing with replaceable stiff nylon brushes is automatically lowered and raised by a geared electric motor. The nylon brushes scrape and clean the internal surface as they move down and up the chute. The water supply for flushing the chute, the electric motor and the built in safety overloads, are all individually controlled by a robust electric logic control. The bristles are replaceable easily.

Electrical Requirements & Technical Specifications

1 HP, 3 Phase, 5A
SS Wire Rope min. 6mm thick
Bristles: Made from PA 66, Nylon
Dead Weight approx 5 kgs
Central Cleaning Shower & Optional Disinfectant & Sanitizer System

Central 120 deg solid cone profile discharge sprinkler provided above the last intake level, placed strategically to provide full circular coverage. An optional disinfectant & saniitizer system is designed to give manual or automatic flushing, sanitizing and disinfection of the internal surface of the Kleanchute. It may be fitted at the top or chute room with electronic solenoid valve controls, as part of an automatic or manual cleaning system. A low maintenance proportioned valve system provides a auto flow of disinfectant into the cleaning water every cleaning cycle. Nozzles can be varied & easily replaced to suit volume of disinfectant to be provided in the water flow.

Electrical Requirements & Technical Specifications

Cleaning Sprinkler 120 Deg Cone 1/2” IPS, 15 Lpm,
Minimum 1/2 bar pressure at all levels water supply 1/2 bar header tank pressure, at least 1800 mm above spray head.
Each Floor level sprinklers also need 1/2 bar water pressure.
Solenoids Valve 1/2" - Electrical Single Phase
Fire Sprinker 1/2” IPS, 68°C (165°F).
Weathering Cowl, Insect Screen, Ventilation with Exhaust Fan

A reduced diameter ventilation section accommodating and exhaust fan at the chute reduction level of high RPM. The exhaust fan can be timed to operate only at fixed intervals to control noise as well as power wastage. A prime requirement for effective mechcanical exhaust ventilation is the provision of fresh intake air at the bottom floor.

Electrical Requirements & Technical Specifications

Air displacement 200m3/hour.
Exhaust Fan motor, Class H tropicalized continuously rated, 1300 RPM.
Bird Insect Screen Mesh Size ?
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  Chemical Resistance Chart
  Technical Data Sheet
  Safety Data Sheet
  Complete Catalogue

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PE Products at Sangir:
Weld & solid rods
Controls & Optional Equipment:
Kleanchute offers a broad range of options to customer to suit their individiual reqiurements. In cases of offices where only few floors should have access during night time, or hotels where finger print access is required, Kleanchute is able to provide a adept solution. Depending on the chute criticality, hygiene requirements and location of the chute and kind of project, economical to high premium variatnts are available.

Electrical Control Panel:
A rugged heavy duty control panel is available with a variety of control options as in the adjoining table. The systems uses latest electronic components for a long life.

Odor Control Unit:
Decomposing garbage often lets out foul gases in the collection point. An odor control unit is provided to neutralize these odors.The fully programmable unit switches on and off at desired intervals and emits a vaporized liquid in ultrafine particles.The odor molecules bind with the neutralizer liquid molecules and the smell wears off. Neutralizer liquid can be easily replaced and a refill last for months

Electrical Requirements & Technical Specifications: 99 On Off sequences available. 1/2HP, Single phase compressor.

Available in Metal & Plastics
Capacity option of plastic / metal lids.

Model Base Base+ Com+ Max
Description of Features PCB Based PLC Based
Maintenance Locking of all doors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interlocking (1 User at time) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fire or heat Alarm Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recycling Bisorting/Trisorting
Floor in usage indication
No Yes Yes Yes
Sanitizer Control* No No Yes Yes
Disinfectant Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Brush Control* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exhaust Fan Control* No Yes Yes Yes
Compactor Control No Yes Yes Yes
Selected door access control No No No Yes
Door Timed access control No No No Yes
BMS configuration, error relay No No No Yes
IP/ TCP Ethernet remote access No No No Yes

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