Expansion loops

Expansion loops are utilized to prevent the piping system from stresses and strains that could cause damage, leaks, or even failure under the bridge drainage system. To ensure a controlled and flexible expansion and contraction of the piping material. A U-shaped expansion loop segment that is joined to the primary piping system using specific fittings and electrofusion couplers makes up an HDPE expansion loop. The loop is made to be adaptable and capable of taking into account thermal expansion. The linear strain increases with distance from the free end in case of a long run, especially in an unburied pipeline with a free end.

extension-HDPE (1)
Fig1: Piping Expansion Loops
double containment Catalog final-11
Fig2: Expansion Loop Calculation
Electrofusion Coupler Joining Method
Fig3: Electrofusion Coupler Joining Method

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