Sangir has successfully provided yet another specialty solution using the Stud-Liner product for the lining inside the dome of a biogas plant. Biogas Digesters or Bio-digesters made from Cement/Concrete are used for breaking down organic matter, by bio-digestion in anaerobic conditions to generate Biogas, which is a gaseous alternative fuel. The Biogas is a mixture […]

Expansion loops Expansion loops are utilized to prevent the piping system from stresses and strains that could cause damage, leaks, or even failure under the bridge drainage system. To ensure a controlled and flexible expansion and contraction of the piping material. A U-shaped expansion loop segment that is joined to the primary piping system using […]

Socket Fusion This is a reliable process as it offers a 100% interference fit, unlike SCH80/40 vinyl products that allow for partial penetration without any need for joining aid. PVDF socket fusion fittings have a thicker wall compared to butt fusion which improves the pressure rating/safety factor of the fittings. Although a socket fusion joint […]