Custom Fabrication

Our headers and prefabricated spool pieces with flanged ends have saved hours of on-site welding, especially in tight or elevated spaces. This allows fabrication to be executed with precise measurements in a controlled environment at Sangir.

Our chemical tanks and vessels are manufactured using PP/PPH or HDPE sheets per customer request and can meet the needs of most wet or dry bulk storage and processing applications. PP-GL and HDPE-GL liners are used to line FRP tanks to provide an internal corrosion-resistant barrier.

Our Kynar® PVDF Bubble Caps are manufactured at high-degree of precision and surface finish and with minimal dimensional tolerances. These PVDF bubble caps are part of bubble cap tray assemblies used in a distillation column for low-temperature & pressure applications.

Our CNC machines enable our customers to enjoy accurate and detailed state-of-the-art products consistently. This saves on manual labor time as minimal human involvement is required during production.

Our HDPE outfall diffusers are available up to 1,200mm in diameter with electro-fusion saddles joints to install multiple secondary branches. Our testing department ensures leak-proof welded joints that withstand ground movements and rough terrains by versatility in design for desalination and brine transfer application.

Our HDPE boats are built 100% by hand, providing great design flexibility to adapt the exact shape to requirement with equipment installation and made to measure.

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