Includes creating plans, providing specifications, selecting the materials, sizing, and layouts of the pipes as well as constructing the accompanying systems and equipment. We not only ensure that the design and products comply with all operating parameters but also that the system is dependable, safe, and functioning.

Our ability to install and commission projects enables us to offer our clients a service that is more seamless and integrated. Additionally, we can ensure the quality of the work by performing a series of tests, such as leak, flow, and pressure testing, to make sure the system is reliable.

We are focused on making the delivery process simple and hassle-free. Our one-stop approach is satisfied by having depth in our product range and after-sales services is a convenient and efficient solution for saving time and reducing the risk of project delays. We ensure a successful project outcome and customer satisfaction.

Our HDPE outfall diffusers are available up to 1,200mm in diameter with electro-fusion saddles joints to install multiple secondary branches. Our testing department ensures leak-proof welded joints that withstand ground movements and rough terrains through versatility in design.

Welding services are provided by qualified individuals with the skills and knowledge to effectively and efficiently join thermoplastics products by executing high-quality plastic welds that meet industry standards.

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