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Battery Industries & Electrical Mobility

Thermoplastic piping systems, sheets, and liners are suitable and compatible with various processes used in the manufacturing and charging manufactured batteries.

Sulfuric Acid Pipelines for WET Battery Manufacturing

Sulfuric acid is used in lead-acid batteries. Various piping systems are installed for acid-filling process of batteries.

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Battery Charging Stations

Battery charging stations are those stations where batteries filled with acid are brought and charged by passing an electric current. Battery charging stations are often fully manufactured from thermoplastic sheets.

Fume Hoods & Acid Fume Ducting

During the process of acid-filling and battery-charging the sulfuric acid begins to fume and the acidic fumes are extracted and conveyed to an acid scrubbing system.

Acid Proof Lining

In any battery industry, there are various places demarcated as spillage hazard zones, where acid spillage takes place. These spillage hazard zones are lined with thermoplastic liners to protect the concrete flooring from the effects of acid attacks.

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Battery Trays

Battery trays for holding batteries during filling and charging are manufactured from fabricated sheets or molded.

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DM Water Plant

DM Water plants provide DM water to maintain the right concentration of the sulfuric acid.

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