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Chemicals & Process Industries

Products manufactured by Sangir are extensively used in all water supply & Distribution Projects. This includes serving the entire value chain of water infrastructure.

Chlor-Alkali, Caustic, Chlorine, Brine, VCM

Sangir industrial thermoplastic piping systems such as PPH and CPVC are extremely suited for Chlor-Alkali, Caustic, Chlorine, HCL and other chemicals These prove to be a better and longer lasting than composite piping which often fail due to delamination of layers in presence of Caustic and Brine.


Sangir has been the pioneer in the manufacturing of KYNAR PVDF piping systems in India, and are widely used in India specifically in agrochemicals, insecticides and pesticides plants for Bromine, Toluene, Astatine, Hexane, Xylene, other solvents. Other processes involving acids and alkali are also served by PPH piping systems. Major Agrochemical Companies are regular customers of Sangir.

Fertilizers & Phosphoric Acid

Sangir industrial thermoplastic piping systems are used by various reputed fertilizer and phosphoric acid manufacturing companies. PPH piping systems and fabricated specialties from PPH is used for acids applications. HDPE pipes are also used for water and effluents. All the different kinds of thermoplastic piping systems manufactured by Sangir find usage.

Reactive Dyes & Coloring

Sangir industrial piping systems are well suited for usage in industries manufacturing pigments, reactive dyes and coloring. Chemicals used in the processes are corrosive and polluting, and different industrial thermoplastic piping systems are used based on chemicals and process conditions.

Edible Oils & Fatty Acids

Industrial thermoplastic piping such as PPH and HDPE are used in Edible Oils and Fatty acid plants. PPH serves processes such as sulphonation, sulfuric acid and caustic service, while HDPE pipes are often used for transfer and conveyance of edible oils, such palm oil, from Port to plant or plant to port facilities.

Bromine, Solvents & Catalysts Manufacturing

Industries are manufacturing or extracting Bromine, solvents and catalysts are major customers for PVDF piping systems. PVDF is ideally suitable for process application in these industries, offering material compatibility without leach out and zero contamination.

CETP and Industrial Effluent Pipelines

All Chemicals and Process industries have ETP plants. Where effluents are treated, neutralized and then flowed out to drainage network leading to the CETP for further treatment before disposal or reuse and recovery of water. HDPE pipes are used for effluents while CPVC or PPH pipes are used for dozing applications. Protective thermoplastic lining systems are also used for lining of ETP and CETP tanks and sumps. Often Effluent is conveyed to CETP by the use of cement/concrete pipes, these are lined by using T-Grip or Stud-Liners, for protection against concrete corrosion and life extension.

Water & Utilities

All Manufacturing plants have a requirement for water, and wet utilities which may include DM Water, RO Water or DI Water plants. Industrial thermoplastic piping systems are widely used which HDPE piping system is used for Raw-water as well as plant water applications.

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Other Applications