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City Gas Distribution

Sangir manufactures MDPE Gas Pipes, also known as PE-Gas pipes, from pre-compounded raw-material of imported origin. Only pre-compounded raw-material, including all required additives and coloring, guarantees the consistency of the product quality from manufactured batch to batch. MDPE Gas pipes are produced and supplied in the form of coils as well as in the form of Straight lengths for larger diameters. Our Gas pipes for city-gas distribution are the first choice of various gas companies and CGD. Sangir Gas pipes come in sizes ranging from 20mm to 180mm in SDR11 and SDR17.5, for which we have BIS licenses for all sizes. Along with the pipes for CGD, we are also manufacturing/supplying peripheral items such as PE-Ball valves, Electrofusion fittings, and transition fittings and providing a complete solution.

CGD House Service Connection

For house-service connections, Sangir manufactures and supplies Transition fittings, which connect the PE-Gas pipes to the Metallic piping. PE-Ball valves are also supplied for installation along with the pipes.

Piped Gas Distribution Network

Sangir manufactures PE-Gas or MDPE Pipes for City-Gas Distribution, specifically from Pre-compounded imported raw-material. This ensures the consistency in product quality from batch to batch. Pipes for CGD are available from 20mm to 180mm in SDR11 and SDR17.6 sizes, and Sangir has received BIS Licenses for all manufactured sizes. Products go through stringent quality tests, usually witnessed by an inspection authority, due to the criticality of the application.

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Other Applications