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Sangir supplies a variety of products to construction projects. We are associated with some of the leading EPC agencies in the construction field. Products manufactured for construction are robust, long-lasting, and able to bear mechanical impact. Sangir products supplied to the construction field are approved by various agencies, which include contractors, consultants, and also owners of the projects. Even for construction applications, Sangir products are a benchmark of quality.

Water & Waste Water Piping

Construction projects require a lot of water, and for this, HDPE pipes are generally used. In some cases when large constructions are taking place, water required for this has to be brought to the construction site, by the use of long pipelines from the nearest fresh-water source.

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Ground Water Removal

In the case of construction in high-water table regions, the ground water needs to be constantly pumped out in order to keep the surface dry and construction activities can take place easily.

De-Watering Applications

De-watering solutions are provided where water needs to be removed, before construction activities can take place. HDPE pipes are often used for the purpose of de-watering by pumping out water. In cases of driving piles and constructing footings in the middle of a water-body or in areas where the water-table is high, HDPE pipes are used with Floaters fixed to them. Floats for floating pump platforms can be also provided.

Drilling Sludge Removal

For drilling of tunnels mainly for Via-ducts, metros and railways, TBMs (tunnel boring machines) are used. TBM requires water as coolant for the drilling head and also drilling sludge generated due to the drilling activities needs to be conveyed and disposed.. Both these applications are served by HDPE pipes.

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Concrete Protection

Stud-liners and T-Grip liners are ideally suited for providing protection to concrete structures, from the effects of concrete corrosion and concrete degradation, as result of adverse flow media or media surrounding the structure. These provide an effective, permanent and extremely low-cost solution for concrete protection of pipes, tanks, chambers, trenches and piling in bracking/saline water or high-chloride soil.

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Debris Removal

Debris chutes manufactured by roto-moulding technique, from polyethylene are widely used for disposal of construction debris from high-rise construction sites. These provide a safe and convenient solution for disposal of construction debris.

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Bridge Construction

Various thermoplastic products manufactured by Sangir also find usage in construction of bridges and flyovers. Such as stay PE pipes for stay-cables for cable-supported bridges. PE pre-fabricatated gutter systems with down-spouts for removal and disposal of rain-water from bridges and flyovers to prevent rainwater from cascading down the slopes or flooding the bridge. PE Sheets are used in place of conventional wooden planks or steel shuttering and can be re-used often.


Sangir has developed a PE-Shuttering sheet, with perfectily smooth surface and edges and right-angle corners. These find usage as a good substitute for wooden planks or steel sheets used for the purpose of shuttering while concreting. PE-Shuttering sheets can be used for all types of form-works and are reusable and also fully recyclable.

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