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Desalination Plant

Thermoplastic piping systems constitute the majority of piping in Desalination plants. Sangir has the capabilities to produce, supply, and install all piping systems for desalination plants. This includes onshore as well as offshore piping systems. This requires special expertise, and Sangir provides turnkey solutions for Desalination plants. Pipelines for bringing in seawater for desalination and pipeline for discharge of concentrated brine solution after freshwater recovery are the most important components in any desalination plant. Large Diameter HDPE pipes serve this application.

Sea-Water Intake Pipeline

Sea-water from the sea is taken in to the Desalination plant, by the use of what is known as an intake pipeline. Major part of this pipeline is offshore and submerged with the use of sinker-blocks, some part of it can be also on shore. HDPE Intake Header assembly is used in cases when the water is turbid and having suspended solids. This prevents soil and sand from entering the intake pipeline. Puddle Flange assemblies are used to hold the Pipeline in place and joint to concrete or masonry.

In Plant Piping

PPH and CPVC piping systems are used in the in-plant piping, inside the desalination plant. Sea-water is pumped through a grid of piping linked to manifolds for MBR Membranes, and Reverse osmosis or forward osmosis equipment to generate fresh water, and saturated brine solution is disposed through brine reject pipelines.

Brine-Discharge or Outfall Pipeline

The Concentrated Brine Solution excreted after generation of Fresh water from Sea-water, is disposed off back in the sea, through a pipeline known as Brine Discharge or outfall pipeline. To minimize environmental impact in the marine environment, a Discharge-Line diffuser is used. Sangir has been the pioneer in manufacturing diffusers fully out of polyethylene. Duck-billed clack valves attached to the diffuser ensure that concentrated brine solution mixes slowly and evenly with the surrounding sea-water.

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Brine Recovery & Conveyance (for supply to Chlor-Alkali & VCM Industries and salt industry)

In various cases, the concentrated brine solution excreted from the Desalination plant is not fully disposed of in the sea, but recovered and supplied to industries using brine as part of raw-material, such as Chlor-alkali, VCM, and Bromine extraction industries and edible salt plants.

Brine Storage Tanks & Chambers

Various cement concrete tanks, chambers, sumps and trenches are involved in brine solution management. As well a pumping chambers for sea-water intake and brine discharge. The concrete surface is protected by using thermoplastic liners of various types: Stud-Liners when installed at time of construction and PVC liners in case of concrete structures which are already constructed and cast.

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Concentrated Brine Separation Process

Brine Solution often passes through a clarification process. For this Lamella Clarifiers and settlers are installed. In these, brine solution with higher concentration which is heavier, is separated from water having lesser concentration of salts. Sangir manufactures customized Lamella sheets from PVC and CPVC sheets, with spacers and stiffeners in place.

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