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Sangir has been a pioneer in providing products for dredging and marine excavation. Floaters and Pipes for dredging are manufactured considering the operational factors of locational and environmental conditions, buoyancy, and type of material to be conveyed.

Dredging – Marine Excavation

Capital Dredging as well as Maintenance Dredging for new ports and water-ways, as well as rehabilitation of existing ones.

Dredging – Sand Removal

Removal of Sand and transfer of sea-sand for construction application as well as beach rehabilitation projects. Sangir is actively involved in beach rehabilitation projects, where sand from the beaches has been washed off by freak currents in the sea.

Debris Removal – Suction Method Wells

method wells Dredging Floaters with Pipes for conveyance of debris, are also used by Oil & Gas exploration companies, drilling for oil & Gas under the sea. Debris from undersea drilling operation is removed by suction method and disposed at a distance.

Dam De-Silting

Dredging Floaters with pipes are extensively used in de-silting operations for removal of silt and soil getting accumulated near Dams built over rivers.


In-land water ways comprising of large rivers and their tributaries serve as an ideal mode of transportation over water. New water-ways are developed by deepening the river-bed by dredging and also existing water-ways are rehabilitated by dredging and removal of silt and soil from the bottom to allow larger water-crafts to ply.

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Other Applications