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Ferrous Metals Extraction

Usage of thermoplastic products and mainly piping systems and liners is extensive in downstream steel products such as Cold roll steels, coated steels, thin-films, and foils, where there is the extensive usage of sulfuric acid, HCL, chromic acid, and electrolytic solutions such as Zinc sulfate. Apart from these, thermoplastic products have extensive usage in utilities and plant water packages for upstream steel manufacturing.

DRI & Coke Oven Area, Metal-Slag Slurry conveyance and ETP

Metal-Slag slurry with DRI Reject is conveyed out of the DRI for De-watering and water recovery using HDPE Pipes, we are now having abrasion Resistant pipes which can replace HDPE pipes giving a longer life.

Smelter Area – Salt Spray Lines

Flat products coming out of smelting area passes through salt-spray lines to remove mill-scales and furnace residue. This forms a ferric oxide in presence of salts, water, and atmospheric oxygen. This is an abrasive and pasty thick slurry which needs to be conveyed out. This is an application which can be served by HDPE pipes and abrasion resistant pipes. Liner also find usage under salt-spray lines to protect concrete.

CRM & Tandem Pickling & Cold-Roll-Mill

CRM and Tandem pickling lines use HCL for Carbon steel and Sulfuric acid for Stainless steel. Thermoplastic suitable for HCL and Sulfuric acids are used in providing acid transfer lines between pickling tanks. Other thermoplastic products such as liners and sheets also find usage.

ARP – Acid Regeneration Plant

Acid regeneration piping can be served by suitable thermoplastic piping systems. Spent acid is regenerated and re-cycled for usage. There is an extensive piping requirement and readily served by thermoplastic piping. Sheets and Liners also find use.

Acid Pipelines (Sulfuric Acid for Stainless Steel & HCL for CS)

Extensive Acid pipelines between the ARP and the Pickling lines for carrying acid and spent acid are installed. Thermoplastic piping systems are an effective solution for this.

Spent Acid Pipelines or Gutters

Spent Acid pipelines, and spent acid gutters (carrying spillage) convey the spent acid to the ARP. Thermoplastic piping is used for this and spent acid gutters are lined with PVC liners.

Phosphating Lines, Phosphoric Acid service

Special steels require to be passed through phosphoric acid treatment, this is known as Phosphating process. Thermoplastic piping systems suitable for phosphoric acid based on the temperature are used.

Continuous Electro-coating Lines, Zinc Sulfate Service

Continuous Electro-coating or Zinc-sulfate lines for sheets as well as wires, use electrolytic solution of Zinc-sulfate. The zinc is deposited on the carbon steel products by electrolytic process.

Pickling Passivation Neutralization and cleaning for CR Sheets, various Applications

Various treatment processes for sheets and wires inclusive of pickling, passivation, neutralization, acid cleaning for CR Sheets are part of any cold-roll mill, thermoplastic piping systems are used for circulation of various liquids and fluids from the tanks.

Chromium Coating Lines, and Electro-Chromium Coating

Chromium coating lines or Electro-chromium coating lines specifically for foils, thin films, and tin-plating applications treat the product surface by depositing a layer of chromium through an electrolysis process, bypassing the sheets through a chromic acid bath, with an electrical charge flowing through.

Fume Hoods, Acid Fume Scrubber Systems

Fume hoods and fume ducting are used over acid tanks. The acidic fumes are captured and conveyed to an acid-scrubber which scrubs the fumes free from acid before discharging to the atmosphere. Polypropylene pipes and sheets find extensive usage for this applications.

Cooling Tower Applications

Cooling tower, make up water pipelines as well as spray bank assemblies for spraying of water conditioning chemicals are readily served by thermoplastic piping systems.

DM Water, RO Water and Reject Pipelines

DM Water, RO Water and Reject fluid pipelines are served by thermoplastic piping systems.

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