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MEP Projects

Large MEP Projects for the construction of residential buildings, industrial buildings, stadiums, airports, hospitals, railway stations, malls, and other buildings also use a considerable amount of thermoplastic products. We are supplying major MEP contractors in the country for some of the most prestigious and important projects.

Raw-Water & Potable Water

Generally HDPE pipes are used in Raw-water pipelines. In case there is a RO or Water filtration plant, there CPVC pipes can be also used. MDPE blue pipes with HSC fittings are used in cases where drinking water is required to be distributed to a colony or township.

Sewerage Management

HDPE Pipes are widely used for sewerage management applications. In case Cement-Concrete pipes are used for sewerage, then the same can be lined with Stud-liners or T-Grip Liners at time of manufacturing, to prolong their life. Sangir also manufactures PE Manholes and inspection chambers, which are used in gravity flow sewerage pipelines.

HVAC, AHU & Chiller Applications

Thermoplastic piping systems have inherant good insulation properties, and very often these are used for chiller pipelines, to convey chilling media, and cold water. For HVAC applications which require circular or rectangular ducts for conveyance of air, these same maybe fabricated from PP or PE sheets, which do not rust.

Storm – Rain – Flood Water Management

HDPE Pipes are used for collection and disposal of flood, rain and storm water. Earlier regular sewerage systems were used for this purpose, but currently in view of the fresh water shortage, very often Storm, Rain and Flood water is conveyed to some storage area like ponds, as part of water conservation.

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Pre-Fabricated Drainage Systems

In large MEP projects, disposal of rain water from roofs and terraces is also a subject of its own. Pre-fabricated HDPE Spools, based on customer drawings, are used for ready installation at site.

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Clean-Room, Water-Proofing, Lining

Various types of thermoplastic liners are used in MEP Project. Mainly for clean rooms, where anti-microbial and anti-fungal PVC liner sheets are used. Thermoplastic liners are also used for water-proofing purpose and for accoustic applications, to minimize sound of vehicle tyres in parking lots or movement of fork-lifts in warehouses and storage areas.

Solid Waste-Conveyance

For MEP Projects, Sangir manufactures solid waste-conveyance systems of two kinds, garbage-chutes for the disposal of solid-waste in high-rise building and high-security areas such as airports, government and defense installations, Linen-chutes for conveyance of un-washed linen in hotels and hospitals.

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Utility Piping

Utility piping systems, for conveyance of water, dozing chemicals and other fluids, are usually from CPVC piping systems, which provide good UV-stabilization, Fire-retardant properties and have greater rigidity than other types of plastic piping.

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Buried Water Recovery Piping

Fresh water recovery mainly from large open spaces is fast becoming a very important part of fresh water recovery, during monsoon season. Also, in places such as airports, airfields, and stadiums, removal of rain water seaping into the ground actually helps to dry the ground faster, and also ensuring that the ground does not become soggy.

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