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Mines & Minerals

Specialty Products have been developed to suit the requirements for Mines and Minerals beneficiation projects. Majorly products manufactured by polyethylene are used, as the same can bear greater impact loads and are also cost-effective in comparison to other conventionally used products.

Mineral or Metal Ore Recovery and Conveyance

Mineral or Metal Ore is recovered from Mines. Often this could be in the form of a slurry or sludge. This is conveyed out of the mines by the use of pumped piping systems.

De-Watering Applications

Mines both open-cast and sub terrainian mines face a problem of water seepage and accumulation due to underground water sources and also due to rain-water accumulation. Sangir provides a complete De-watering solution for this

Mines Ventilation Applications

Sub-terrainian mines require to be well ventilated for this purpose piping and ducting of a special kind is used.

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Mine Shaft Supporting Form-Work

Mine shafts often need to be well supported to prevent cave-ins and debris falling from the ceiling of the shafts. HDPE sheets with higher thickness are used for this purpose.

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Coal Washery Applications

Coal washery applications to wash coal and remove coal dust, requires water jets, for which HDPE pipes and fittings are used for conveyance of water, and also disposal of coal-dust slurry.

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Other Applications