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Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Power Plants have extensive utilities and various non-process applications where thermoplastic piping systems, sheets, liners, and specially fabricated products find usage. Products supplied to nuclear facilities require special care in manufacturing, as these undergo extensive tests and quality control measures. Sangir serves major nuclear facilities in the country and is a favored supplier with expertise and experience in some major applications.

Raw-water Pipelines

Power plants require steam to run turbines to generate electricity. This steam comes from water, and is made using the heat generated by Nuclear energy. Raw-water is often conveyed from long distances through HDPE pipes.

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DM Water Plants

Raw-water is demineralized by DM water plant, DM water plant is fed into the reactor to produce super-critical steam which runs the turbine.

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Cooling Water Pipelines and Sea-water Single Pass Cooling

Sea-water Single pass cooling Cooling water applications are met by water transported through HDPE pipes and fittings. Nuclear power plants require extensive cooling, and in some cases, Sea-water is also used as the cooling media.

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Spent Fuel and Heavy Water Conveyance

PVDF piping systems are often used to convey spent fuel and spent heavy water, for treatment. This is a radioactive application as the fluid contains radioactive particles.

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Internal Surface Lining Applications

In Most Nuclear plants, the area inside the auxiliary airlock or AAL, requires that all cement/concrete surfaces are well lined using PVC sheets of special grades. Such sheets are also used to line floors and other wetted surfaces to ensure that impermiability of the concrete surface is maintained.

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Desalination Plant

In those nuclear power plants in the vicinity of the coast or shore, Desalination plants are installed to use desalinated sea-water for producing steam.

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Effluent Management

Effluents coming out of nuclear power facilities are conveyed and treated in a specialized way to ensure that there are no radioactive particles present. These effluents also include wash-water recovered after deluge washing. Sangir provides end-to-end solutions for effective transfer and conveyance of effluents.


Like all industrial premises, Nuclear facilities also have their own Utilities. Extensive thermoplastic piping systems are used in Utilities of nuclear complexes.

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