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Oil & Gas Petrochemicals Hydrocarbons & Pipeline Projects

O & G, Refinery, Petrochemicals, Hydrocarbons, and Pipeline projects, are majorly specialized fields. Products supplied are manufactured and often tailor-made to suit the process applications they are meant for. Due to the critical aspect of this industry, the products go through various tests and quality control procedures. Sangir thermoplastic products with proper UV-Stabilization, Thermal stability, fire-retardant, and low-smoke characteristics are highly suitable for such critical applications. We have extensive experience serving these projects and have developed transparent application methodologies with deep technical knowledge.

CBM Gas and Shale Gas

Petroleum Gas recovered from under layers of Coal beds is known as Coal-bed-methane gas of CBM, similar Gas recovered from layers of shale, sometimes even in the sea, is known as shale gas. Both CBM and Shale Gas are recovered by high-pressure water injection method, and then conveyed to gas gathering stations, where these are further processed. Further processing generates corrosive week sulfuric acid in form of sour water, and Carbon Monoxyde. Sangir provides suitable piping systems for all these applications.

Sour Water Stripper Column

All Oil & Gas, contain some part of hydrogen sulfide, when combining with atmospheric oxygen and water vapours, this forms a highly corrosive weak sulfuric acid known as sour-water. Which is separated by the use of a sour-water stripper column. Phase change from Gas to Liquid also generates some acidic discharge. Sangir PPH and CPVC piping systems are ideally suited for transfer and disposal of this.

Refinery Effluent Management, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Treatment

Effluents coming out from refineries and petrochemicals complexes contain, oil and grease particles, catalysts particles in suspension, and also some amount of weak sulfuric acid, generated by sour-water stripping. These go through three stages of effluent treatment, inclusive of oil-water separation. Sangir piping systems and lining systems are extensively used for these applications.

Recovery from RFCC Residue

After distillation of crude there is some amount of residue which still contains usable substances. In most cases benzene, bromine, hexane, xylene is recovered from residue. For which PVDF piping systems are used. Sangir Kynar PVDF piping systems are approved by EIL under 60-WB MEG.

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Field Applied Insulation Joints – Pipeline Insulation

Cross-country and buried Oil & Gas pipelines are generally insulated using PUF. Sangir has been the pioneer in providing solutions for field-applied insulation joints and pipeline insulation, where HDPE sheets are used to cover the PUF insulation layer to protect this from the environment. HDPE sheets manufactured by Sangir provide an effective solution for covering of insulated pipelines, and technically sound methodology for field-applied insulation joints has been developed by us and adopted by some of the major agencies.

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Internal Pipe Liners for O&G Pipelines

Sangir manufactures pipelines for internal lining of O&G pipelines. These are produced in various grades of thermoplastics and the purpose of their usage is to protect the internal surface of carbon-steel pipes from the effects of hydrogen sulfide corrosion and also ensure that the inner surface is extremely smooth permanently, thereby reducing load on the pumps.

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Plant Water Piping & Utilities

Every petrochemical complex requires fresh water to run their boilers and catalyst regenerators and captive power plants. Plant water piping for fresh-water for other industrial applications and wet utilities such as DM Water plants, cooling water line, make-up water pipelines, SRU deluge wash-water pipelines are also required. In cased when plants are near the coast, these purposes could be served by seawater for cooling and desalinated freshwater for other applications.

DM Water Plant

DM Water plants provide demineralized water for boilers, raw-water brought in by HDPE pipes is demineralized. CPVC pipes are generally used in DM Water plants and also for reject water pipelines.

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Fire-Water Mains

Buried Fire-Water mains, are often served by HDPE pipes, as HDPE pipes do not face any corrosion due to stagnant water, nor face problems of scaling. However, HDPE pipes for fire-water mains are only permitted out of battering areas.

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Cooling Towers Applications

Cooling towers use a considerable amount of thermoplastic piping systems, for make-up water, spray banks for chemicals dozing of anti-scalants, anti-fungal, biocides, flocculants, corrosion inhibitors and others. Cooling towers also require make up water pipelines to make up for that which is evaporated in process of cooling. One pass-cooling towers using sea-water have their own sea-water intake and outfall pipelines or are connected with trunk lines with the aid of manifolds.

Pipeline Cathodic Protection

Buried pipelines passing under or in vicinity of any source of static electricity require cathodic protection, which inhibits cathodic corrosion and also ensures that there is no static charge retained in the pipeline. For this HDPE Sheets are used to Box the pipeline after covering this with PVC sheets. Warning mats of fluorescent color which glow in the dark is used to cover the pipeline which serve as a warning during excavations at some later date.

SRU Sulfur Recovery Unit

Sulfur recovery units, which generate sulfur from refinery flue gas, have a periodic flushing by deluge wash method, sulfur particles combine with water to form weak sulfuric acid, effluent coming out of SRUs are generally acidic and need to be neutralized.

Soil Contamination Barriers in Tank Farms, and for Over Ground & Under Ground Tanks

Various grades of Thermoplastic sheets and liners are used for providing soil contamination barriers while installation of large tanks on tank farms. Both above-ground and underground tanks are lined externally and internally using PVC or PE liners.

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