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Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs & API

A wide range of chemicals is used in pharmaceutical companies to manufacture medicines. Thermoplastic piping systems of different construction materials are used based on the chemicals and process conditions. Some of the processes require high-purity thermoplastic piping systems also.

DM Water Plants

DM Water plants produce demineralized water for usage in the plants.

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DI Water Plants

DI Water Plants produce de-ionized plants specifically for high-purity applications.

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Acids & Alkali

There are suitable thermoplastic piping systems suitable and compatible for a wide range of acids and alkali.

Pharma Utilities

Utilities in pharma and drugs industries include complex systems of water and chemicals management systems.

Fume Scrubbers

Pharma companies have vent scrubbers for scrubbing of flue gas.

Storage Tanks and Vessels

In Pharma industries, there is a wide spread use of thermoplastic tanks and vessels for process applications.

HVAC System

Thermoplastic sheets are used for manufacturing of ducts for HVAC systems used in space cooling.

Chillers and Chiller Pipelines

Pharma companies extensively use Chillers, thermoplastic piping systems are well suited for chiller applications as thermoplastic piping systems have good insulation properties. Chilled water pipelines are also served by thermoplastic piping systems.

Corrosive Chemicals and Solvents

Bromine, Xylene, Astatine, Toluene and other solvent chemicals are extensively used in some pharmaceutical process applications. Thermoplastic piping systems suitable for these chemicals are in used.

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VOC Processes and Solvent Capture

VOC and solvent capture applications part of pre-treatment of effluents require thermoplastic piping systems.

Raw Water and Effluent Water Piping

These piping systems are served by HDPE piping systems.

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Other Applications