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PV Silicon Wafers & Semi-conductors

Manufacturing silicon crystal wafers for producing solar PV cells and processing semiconductors for use in chip manufacturing is a very specialized field. Thermoplastic piping systems are extensively used in various processes, as several different chemicals are used. Thermoplastic piping systems suitable for high-purity and ultra-high-purity applications are used in some methods.

Water System and Ultra-Purity Water, DI Water Plant

Depending upon the process the most compatible piping system is used.

Electro-Coating, Electroplating, Electro Metallizing, Electro-Demetallizing

Chemical fluids and solutions of different type are used for the purpose of coating, plating and metalizing. Demetalizing processes are also employed mainly for printing the circuit or grid over the silicon wafers.

Wet chemicals Stations such as in wet-etchers (through Etcher Mfg. OEMS)

Both thermoplastic pipes and sheets are used for the manufacturing of wet-etcher machines, employed for wet etching and separation of individual semiconductor wafers.

Acids Applications – Nitrohydrochloric, nitric, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Sulfuric acid, Oleum, Phosphoric Acid

Some chemical processes involve extreme highly corrosive chemicals, in a very pure-form. These chemicals are contained, transferred and conveyed using thermoplastic piping systems.

Water Recycling Plant and Reuse

As a large amount of water is used in these processes, spent water is recovered treated and re-used and recycles. Thermoplastic piping systems are extensively used for these water recycling processes.

Ammonium Hydroxide, Hydrogen peroxide, Acetic acid Irritants, Inorganic solutions, Caustic, Acidic solutions and VOC Processes

A number of acids and solvents are used in the chemical processes used. Solvents are then recovered for reuse through VOC processes. Thermoplastic piping systems for the containment, conveyance, and transfer of these chemicals and for these processes.

Solutions of Precious Metal Salts

Solutions of precious metals are used for electro-metalysing processes, where metal is deposited to form circuits and grids.

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Other Applications