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Sewerage & STP

Sewerage from various sources is generally conveyed through a network of pipelines to the main trunk pipeline or a sewerage treatment plant. The sewerage trunk lines are usually pumped and have their pumping stations. Pressurized pipelines are generally made from HDPE. Cement Concrete pipes are also used in sewer lines; these can be lined with PE Concrete liners. Modular Manholes and inspection chambers made from Polyethylene also find usage in sewerage applications.

Sewerage Conveyance Primary

From various outlets sewerage is collected and conveyed to Sumps, chambers, and tanks, or a main sewerage trunk pipeline. Sewerage conveyance happens through staggered pipe diameters, sizes increase progressively based on the amount of sewerage required to be conveyed. Both HDPE, as well as Cement Concrete pipes, are used.

Sewerage Conveyance Main Pipeline

In various situations mainly when gravity flow transfer of sewerage is not possible, or when the quantity of sewerage is very high, high pressure pumps are used to convey sewerage. Mainly in a sewerage trunk pipeline, with a large number of connection, sewerage is conveyed by high pressure suction pumps.

Sewerage Containment

Manholes and Inspection chambers are used in various places in a gravity flow sewerage line, these serve the purpose of sewerage collection and flow to bigger trunk pipelines, or even for directional changes in the pipeline. Manholes & Chambers provide adequate solution for cleaning of Sewerage pipelines.

Sewerage Treatment

Sewerage is treated in STP or Sewerage Treatment plant. Sewerage goes through various phases of treatment. Primary Sewerage Treatment happens in a Clarifer where Lamella Plates are used to remove heavier sludge and solid particles. Secondary Treatment is associated with Chemicals treatment, where chlorination and chemicals dozing is involved, requiring Pipes & Spray Banks. In various cases re-usable water is recovered and sludge separated. Also in various cases treated sewerage is disposed off in the sea, using a Marine outfall pipeline.

Flood & Storm Water Management

During monsoon season flood/storm/rain water is contained and conveyed to pumping stations so that flooding within city limits can be minimized. In various cases flood, storm, rain water is conveyed to reservoirs for water conservation or let of in the sea, via a Marine outfall pipeline. HDPE Pipes are generally used for this purpose and usually these are connected to Pump-houses.

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