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Thermal Power Plants

Thermoplastic products find extensive usage in coal-based thermal power plants, from Raw-water to effluents, cooling water, and the various chemicals required for maintaining the water chemistry. Coal-based thermal power plants also face the need to curtail effluents and emissions. Water recovery and reuse have been adopted for effluents, while FGD plants are installed for emissions management. The need for cooling, where generally water is the cooling media, increases water usage in thermal power plants. Slurries generated from FGD, coal-dust slurry, ash-slurry, and discharge from ESP lead to extensive usage of thermoplastic products.

DM Water Plant

DM Water plants generating demineralized water for steam turbine applications extensively use thermoplastic piping systems such as CPVC pipes and fittings. Reject lines from DM Water plants are also served by CPVC piping systems.

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Raw-Water Pipelines

Raw-water pipelines bringing in fresh water from water-bodies such as rivers or lakes, sometimes from a great distance are served by using HDPE pipes and fittings. This water is also used for other plant-water process applications.

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Fire-Water Pipelines

HDPE pipes and fittings also find extensive usage in buried fire-water mains, which provide water to fire-hydrants in case of fire. HDPE pipes are the best solution for this, due to the fact of the permanently smooth inner surface, and non-corrosive or scaling nature of the product. However, the use of HDPE pipes for Fire-water pipeline is restricted in battery areas.

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WET-FGD Applications for emissions control

WET-FGD plants to remove environmentally harmful sulfur and other gases such as NOX and SOX, are installed. The lime solution is the regent in these FGDs, and as a result of which Gypsum slurry is produced.

Sea-Water FGD Applications

For thermal power plants located on the coasts. Sea-water FGD is the best option. Where Sea-water is the regent. After desulfurization the sea-water is treated in an oxidation chamber and then pumped back in the sea.

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Cooling Towers

Water is the cooling media in cooling towers, for which HDPE pipes and fitting are used. Spray banks for water-conditioning chemicals, anti-scalants, biosides, are also installed for chemicals dozing. Thermoplastic piping is used for the manufacturing of these spray banks. In Cases where the thermal power plant is near the coast single pass cooling towers for sea-water cooling are in use.

ESP Reject Lines

ESP Reject from ESP condensate also contain sulfur dissolved in water to produce an acid. Other condensate chemicals mixed with these create a corrosive liquid which is conveyed to ETP for treatment.

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ETP and Effluents Pipelines, Water Recovery and Reuse Pipelines

Extensive usage of fresh water, puts pressure in reuse of water, or water recycling. Effluents from different parts of the thermal power plant reach the ETP by HDPE pipelines where neutralization takes place and water is recovered for reuse.

Ash-Slurry, Coal Dust-Slurry Disposal

Ash rejected after combustion is dozed with water to prevent it from flying around. This Ash-slurry mixed with coal dust slurry is conveyed out to ash-ponds by the use of HDPE pipes. Ash-ponds are lined to ensure that there is no seepage to the ground below.

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Water chemistry Chemicals & Dozing Fluids

Various Water Chemistry chemicals are used for the purpose of treating raw water, boiler quality water, and also effluents such as Hydrochloric acid, Caustic soda lye, Liquid chlorine, Caustic soda, Sulfuric acid, Liquor ammonia, Trisodium phosphate, Ferric Alum, Sodium chlorite, PAC liquid, Sodium hypochlorite, Poly acrylamide dispersants, HEDP, Bio-disperant Poly aspartic acid PASP, Benzo Triazole BTA, Non-Oxidizing Biocide, and etc. Thermoplastic piping systems find usage for the dispensing and spraying of these chemicals.

Coal Conveyance and Storage

Coal is stored in a coal-storage, to eliminate chances of fires and also suppress coal dust from flying in air, Sprinkler systems are used. Coal Conveyors are also having dust covers, this is one application where sheets can be used also.

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