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Water Supply & Distribution

Polyethylene pipes, HDPE & MDPE, constitute most of the products supplied to and used for Water Supply & Distribution Projects. The diameters and pressure ratings are used on the individual applications served. Usage of other products, such as HSC Fittings for house-service connections, CPVC & PPH pipes & fittings, Lamella Sheets, and Liners, also exist in Water Supply & Distribution projects.

Lift Irrigation or Supply

High Pressure Larger Diameter HDPE Pipes for Lifting Water from Water Bodies and reservoirs.

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Water Transportation

Large Diameter Pipes for supplying water over a distance, usually pipelines to-and-fro from pumping stations.

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Domestic Water Supply

Water Supply pipelines connecting with Larger diameter pipes used for water transportation. These pipelines are for domestic applications and are laid in various parts of towns and cities to provide water supply.

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House Service Connections

House Service Connections are connections taken from Domestic water supply pipelines and connected to houses for domestic usage mainly for providing Drinking Water.

Water Conservation & Reuse

Projects for Water Conservation & Reuse are there to recover groundwater, floodwater, or stormwater and convey these to a reservoir to be used during dry periods. These projects are of foremost importance at a time of freshwater scarcity.

Water Treatment Projects

Water Treatment projects are for treatment of Fresh water, to make it drinkable/potable. Treatment happens in three phases, primary, secondary and tertiary, depending upon the water quality. Water Treatment plants are used for treatment of water, having Membrane Filtration, RO or FO, and other forms of filtration, Chlorination and Chemicals Dozing Systems.

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Other Applications