Sangir has successfully provided yet another specialty solution using the Stud-Liner product for the lining inside the dome of a biogas plant. Biogas Digesters or Bio-digesters made from Cement/Concrete are used for breaking down organic matter, by bio-digestion in anaerobic conditions to generate Biogas, which is a gaseous alternative fuel. The Biogas is a mixture […]

Expansion loops Expansion loops are utilized to prevent the piping system from stresses and strains that could cause damage, leaks, or even failure under the bridge drainage system. To ensure a controlled and flexible expansion and contraction of the piping material. A U-shaped expansion loop segment that is joined to the primary piping system using […]

Sangir extensively manufactures and supplies PVDF piping systems globally and is an end-to-end solution provider for your demanding applications. Our installation teams have successfully executed several projects and have many hours under their belt to help you navigate through the most intricate jobs. Sangir’s #engineered Kynar PVDF piping follows DVS 2207 & ASTM D3222 standards. […]

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