Concrete Protection Liners

Industrial Concrete Protection Liners


Sangir Concrete Protection Liners are meant explicitly for lining Cement/Concrete pipes, tanks, chambers, and other structures, internally and externally. These are manufactured in two materials of construction, blended polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP). These are installed when concreting itself, and the V-Type or T-type anchoring gets permanently embedded and fixed in the concrete surface, forming a permanent bonding with the substrate. Sangir concrete protective liners provide excellent and cost-effective solutions for protecting concrete surfaces against attack from adverse chemicals, biological hydrogen-sulfide, and other chemicals in the flow media. These isolate the concrete structure suitably to ensure that Concrete-corrosion or erosion does not take place and the operational life of the systems is extended appropriately.

Technical Information

PROPERTIESTest Method UnitValue
DensityASTM D 792 g/cm30.94
Melt Flow RateASTM D 1238 /
ISO 1133
g / 10 min.0.2 to 1.6
Tensile Strength at YieldASTM D 638 /
ISO 527
Mpa15 (Min)
Elongation at YieldASTM D 638 /
ISO 527
Mpa24 (Min)
Elongation at breakASTM D 638 /
ISO 527
%600 (Min)
Shore DurometerASTM D 22401-sec. > 50
10-sec.> 40
Water AbsorptionASTM D 570%0.085
Water Soluble matterASTM D 570