Debris Chutes

construction debris chutes, demolition chute & roofing debris chute


Debris Chutes are made from High Molecular High-Density Polyethylene (HMHDPE) and offer a much thicker thickness than other leading chutes. The hoppers are made with galvanized steel for extended life and are used in cities with higher corrosion levels. HDPE provides the distinct advantage of being a highly durable plastic in tropical climates with high humidity and corrosion levels. Further, the abrasion levels of HDPE are several times superior to metal and cheap drums and therefore offer multiple uses of the same Shoots rubbish for different projects. We can provide a diverse range of demolition chutes for construction sites & Home Depot.

Technical Information

Molded Weight
Finished Weight
ColorRaw MaterialHeight
7-81716BlackLLDPE 1210