Dredging Pipe Floats

Dredging Pipe Floats for Marine and Aquaculture.


The Dredging Pipe Floats are crafted from European high-impact marine-grade, UV-stabilized PE materials, providing strong construction and flexibility for marine conditions with long-lasting performance. They are made in two halves from high-impact polyethylene, creating a dredging solution. The pipe hose float is produced with marine-grade raw materials and filled with eco-friendly PU foam. Galvanized accessories enhance the HDPE pipe floats lifespan.

Technical Information

PropertyTest MethodUnitValue
Specific gravity (ρ)ISO 1183g/cm30.95
Max. permissible service temp°C-50 to 90
Tensile strength at yield (σS)ISO 527Mpa27
Elongation at break (εR)ISO 527%≥ 700
Impact strength (an)ISO 179kJ/m2No Break
Flexural strength (σB 3,5%)ISO 178Mpa22
Modulus of elasticity (Et)ISO 527Mpa1150
Coef. of linear therm. expansion (α)DIN 53752K-1 x 10-41.5
Vicat Softening TempISO3060C80