Dredging Pipe Floats

Dredging Pipe Floats for Marine and Aquaculture.


Dredging Pipe Floats are manufactured from specific European High impact Marine Grade, UV stabilized PE Materials providing flexibility and strength with Strong Construction for marine conditions and long-life performance. High impact Polyethylene Floats in two halves to provide a dredging solution. The Floats dredge pipeline is manufactured with marine-grade raw material and filled with eco-friendly Pu Foam. Galvanized accessories contribute to the Life span of the floating dredge pipe.

Technical Information

PropertyTest MethodUnitValue
Specific gravity (ρ)ISO 1183g/cm30.95
Max. permissible service temp°C-50 to 90
Tensile strength at yield (σS)ISO 527Mpa27
Elongation at break (εR)ISO 527%≥ 700
Impact strength (an)ISO 179kJ/m2No Break
Flexural strength (σB 3,5%)ISO 178Mpa22
Modulus of elasticity (Et)ISO 527Mpa1150
Coef. of linear therm. expansion (α)DIN 53752K-1 x 10-41.5
Vicat Softening TempISO3060C80