Dual Containment Pipes

Dual Containment Piping System for Leak Detection


As a secondary contained piping system, Sangir offers a double-walled pipe for excellent safety when toxic or hazardous media pass through the main pipe. A Dual containment pipe is a pipe within a pipe system with an annulus space between the two diameters. The inner pipe is the primary or carrier pipe, and the outer pipe is called the secondary or dual containment piping System. Most double-wall piping applications involve wastewater, groundwater, and process safety. Double-wall pipe system provides combinations of HDPE, PVC, CPVC, PP, and PVDF. Leak detection in the dual containment pipe is also available, indicating if the carrier pipe is leaking. Double containment pipe fittings are usually hydrostatically tested or tested to hold and maintain a target pressure before the first use.


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