Fabric Backed Sheets

White Black Fabric backed polypropylene sheets


Fabric Backed Sheets are Engineering Plastics sheets that were back with a polyester or glass fabric layer on one side during the production process. The bonding of the fabric to the sheet is of excellent quality as the fabric incorporates itself into the sheet while it is still hot. The peel strength thus provided is extreme. The dual-layer construction Fabric Backed Liners sheets are used in various applications, primarily where Fiber Reinforcement is required, and the sheet acts as a liner. Decorative cloths are also available for fancy thermoformed items or orthopedic articles for children. We offer a wide range of PPGL, PPHGL, HDPEGL, and PVDF-SK Fabric Backed Sheet.

Technical Information

DENSITYISO – 1183 / ASTM 1505g/cc> 0.900> 0.900> 0.940
MELT FLOW RATEISO – 1133 / ASTM D 1238g/10min0.2-4.10.2-4.1> 0.950
HARDNESS ( SHORE-D)ASTM D 2240Shore-D> 67> 67< 0.2-1.4
TENSILE STRENGTH @ YIELDISO – 527 / ASTM D 638 Type-IVMpa≥ 22≥ 22≥ 19
Elongation at BreakISO – 527 / ASTM D 638 Type-IV%≥ 30≥ 30≥ 30