Gas Piping System

MDPE Gas Pipes & Fittings


The MDPE Gas Pipe Fittings are lightweight, non-corrosive, and come with a long life. Installation is straightforward as heat fusion, and electro-fusion methods can readily weld the tubes. The raw materials by tested stringently to ensure they meet the standards before production begins. The Industrial gas Piping System was supervised throughout the show and tried to meet the IS14885: 2001 and IS4437 standards. We also manufacture Gas pipes as per ASTMD 2513 – Polyethylene (PE) Gas pressure pipes, tubes, and fittings.

Technical Information

PropertiesTest MethodUnitValue
Density at 27⁰C IS 14885 kg/m³≥ 930
Melt Flow Index (at 190⁰C, 5kgf) IS 14885 g/10 min± 20% of value
nominated by R.M.
Oxidation Induction Time (at 200⁰C)
(Thermal stability)
IS 14885 Min≥ 20
Tensile Strength at yield (minimum) IS 14885 Mpa15
Elongation at break IS 14885 %≥ 350
Hydraulic Characteristics IS 14885 Neither leak nor burstPassed
Heat Reversion Test (110⁰C) IS 14885 %Not exceeding 3%
Pigment Dispersion IS 14885≤ 3
Surface finish IS 14885Both internal
and external should be
smooth and clean