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Water Supply & Distribution industries

Water Supply & Distribution

Products Used in Lift Irrigation or Supply ,Water Transportation, Domestic Water Supply .

Sewerage & STP Industry

Sewerage & STP

Products Used in Sewerage Conveyance Primary, Sewerage Treatment, Flood & Storm Water Management.

Desalination-Plants Industries Solution

Desalination Plant

Products Used in Sea-Water Intake Pipeline,In Plant Piping, Brine-Discharge or Outfall Pipeline.

City-Gas-Distribution Industries Solution

City Gas Distribution

Products Used in CGD House Service Connection,Piped Gas Distribution Network.

MEP Projects

Products Used in Raw-Water & Potable Water,Sewerage Management,Clean-Room, Water-Proofing, Lining.

Construction Projects


Products Used in Water & Waste Water Piping,Ground Water Removal,De-Watering Applications.

Chemicals & Process Industries

Chemicals & Process Industries

Products Used in Chlor-Alkali, Caustic, Chlorine, Brine, VCM, Agrochemicals,Water & Utilities.

Oil and Gas Industries

Oil & Gas Petrochemicals Industries

Products Used in CBM Gas and Shale Gas,Sour Water Stripper Column,Fire-Water Mains.

Mines and Minerals Projects

Mines & Minerals

Products Used in Fire-Water Mains,Mines Ventilation Applications, Coal Washery Applications.

Ferrous Metals Extraction Industry

Ferrous Metals Extraction

Products Used in DRI & Coke Oven Area, Metal-Slag Slurry conveyance and ETP, Smelter Area – Salt Spray Lines.


Non-Ferrous Metals Extraction

Products Used in Metal Ore Separation by Acid Leaching, Electrolytic Metal Recovery.

Battery Industries and Electrical Mobility Industries

Battery Industries & Electrical Mobility

Products Used in Battery Charging Stations,Fume Hoods & Acid Fume Ducting, Acid Proof Lining.

PV Silicon Wafers and Semi-Conductors Industry

PV Silicon Wafers & Semi-conductors

Products Used in Water System and Ultra-Purity Water, DI Water Plant,Water Recycling Plant and Reuse.

Thermal Power Plants industries

Thermal Power Plants

Products Used in DM Water Plant, Raw-Water Pipelines, Fire-Water Pipelines, Cooling Towers.

Nuclear Power Plants Industries

Nuclear Power Plants

Products Used in Raw-water Pipelines,DM Water Plants,Desalination Plant.

Sea-Water Intake & Outfalls Marine industries

Sea-Water Intake & Outfalls

Products Used in Desalination Plants, Sea-Water Cooling, Sea-Water FGD,Sea-Water Fire-Water Mains.

Dredging Marine Industries


Products Used in Dredging – Marine Excavation,Dredging – Sand Removal,Dam De-Silting,Water-Ways.

Green Hydrogen & Ammonia Industries

Green Hydrogen & Ammonia Projects

Products Used in Hydrogen Recovery through Electrolysis of Sea-Water.

Pharmaceuticals Industries

Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs & API

Products Used in DM Water Plants, DI Water Plants, Pharma Utilities,Fume Scrubbers,HVAC System.

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