Linen chute

Linen chutes


Kleanchute is one of the leading suppliers of Linen Chutes in India and overseas. We use high-quality materials and innovative technology to manufacture laundry chutes that are reasonably priced and made to customer specifications. An efficient vent system allows adequate air circulation in a linen chute system made of stainless steel, which is weatherproof and features an efficient design. Intake hoppers are hinged on and are accessible from either side. The discharge end-fire door is D type. Chutes Linen is available in different sizes according to the requirements of the high-rise building.

Standard Size: 350mm to 900mm
MOC: SS316 / SS304 / SS430 / Gi

Applicable standards

  • NFPA 82:2015
  • BS 1703:2005
  • NBC 2005, BIS
  • BIS 6924:2001
  • UL 10 B for Fire Rating