Orthotics and Prosthetics Sheets

Orthotics and Prosthetics Sheets Thermoforming Sheets


Orthotics and Prosthetics Sheets represent a wide range of plastics for use in the manufacturing of functional orthotics. For the design of the available orthotic, rigid materials lie at the core of construction. Expected to be easily malleable—generally, the more severe the structural problem, the more challenging the material needed for correction. We provide different blends in our material construction for different types of applications. These blends in sheet form will convert into comfortable, functionally enduring, and aesthetically pleasant end products for ortho Sheets applications.

Technical Information

Property Test MethodUnit PP-COPP-HPE-LDPE-HMW
Specific GravityISO 1183g/cm³0.910.90.9250.95
Max. permissible service temp⁰C0 to 755 to 100-50 to 60-50 to 90
Tensile strength at yield ISO 527Mpa26311127
Elongation at break ISO 527% ≥400 ≥600 ≥50
Impact strengthISO 179kJ/m2No BreakNo BreakNo BreakNo Break
Modulus of elasticityISO 527Mpa1200140080>1200
Coef. Of linear therm. ExpansionDIN 53752K-1 x 10-41.51.5260230
Vicat softenig TempISO 527⁰C1481501.479
Shore HardnessISO 868Shore D67709465