PVDF Piping System

KYNAR PVDF Piping System


KYNAR® PVDF Piping System has outstanding barrier properties, which allow better protection of the environment from leakages of hazardous chemicals. KYNAR PVDF Pipe Fittings is a polymer containing carbon, hydrogen, and fluorine. Fluorine, the giant molecule, ensures the stability of the polymer chain. PVDF Pipes are considered one of the most inert substances on earth. It has the advantage of absolute corrosion suppression, even under varying process conditions, compared to other materials. Fittings KYNAR® PVDF has the characteristic properties of high resistance to chemical attack intrinsic to all fluoropolymers based on the increased strength of the carbon-fluorine atom bond.

Technical Information

Kynar ®
Kynar ®
Kynar ®
Specific gravity (ρ)ISO 1183g/cm31.781.781.78
Max. permissible service temp°C-30 to 140-30 to 140-30 to 140
Tensile strength at yield (σS)ISO 527Mpa505235
Elongation at break (εR)ISO 527%≥ 50≥ 50≥ 50
Flexural strength (σB 3,5%)ISO 178Mpa808080
Modulus of elasticity (Et)ISO 527Mpa200022001000
Coef. of linear therm. expansion (α)DIN 53752K-1 x 10-
Volume resistivity (ρD)VDE 0303Ω x cm≥ 1013≥ 1013≥ 1013