Different types of thermoplastic sheets are widely used in many industrial applications and hence it is important to understand it’s impact on the environment.

Plastics Sheets varying in thickness from 1 mm to 60 mm are finding multiple applications globally due to their best chemical and physical properties.

Environment, as well as sustainability, are become critical parameters in today’s world.


Thermoplastics sheets manufactured at Sangir Plastics Private Limited’s Vapi production facility involve HDPE, PP, PPH, and PVC sheets with various sizes, colors, fabric-backed options, special surfaces, etc.

Best quality sheets produced in India that meet the sustainability requirements like Recycle as well as Reuse. Those sheets can be recycled and reused multiple times for other applications due to their best retained physical and mechanical properties as we use virgin polymers from the world’s best raw material suppliers which helps the Sangir team to offer world-class quality products with environmental protection & sustainability.

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·         PP sheets, PP fabric backed sheets under the brand name NovaLene

·         PPH sheets, PPH fabric backed sheet under the brand name NovaLene

·         PVDF sheets, PVDF fabric-backed sheets under the brand name Nova-Kynar

·         PVC sheets, Flexible as well as rigid PVC under the brand name NovaRex

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