PVDF Sheets



Novakyn PVDF sheets are crafted from PVDF which is a thermoplastic fluoropolymer renowned for its exceptional properties, which includes inertness to major corrosive and aggressive substances and the ability to withstand temperatures up to 140°C, and at the same time retain its mechanical strength and chemical resistance. PVDF sheets are ideally suitable for manufacturing of chemical storage tanks used with acids higher concentration, solvents, and corrosive chemicals at elevated temperatures. Its rigid nature prevents creep under mechanical stress and load, ensuring long-term durability. PVDF’s stability to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation further enhances its suitability for various applications requiring high purity, strength, and resistance to solvents, acids, bases, and heat. PVDF has been specifically use for Bromine service in agrochemicals industries.

An additional advantage of Novakyn PVDF sheets is their low smoke generation in case of a fire, adding to their safety profile. Overall, Novakyn PVDF sheets offer a versatile and reliable solution for industries demanding top-notch performance, durability, and resilience when dealing with challenging chemical and thermal conditions.

Technical Information

Kynar KynarKynar
Specific Gravity (ρ)ISO 1183gm/cm31.781.781.78
Max. Permissible service temp°C– 30 to 140– 30 to 140– 30 to 140
Tensile strength at yield (σS)ISO 527Mpa505235
Elongation at break (εR)ISO 527%≥ 50≥ 50≥ 50
Flexural Strength (σB 3.5%)ISO 178Mpa180180180
Modulus of elasticity (Et)ISO 527Mpa200022001000
Coef. of linear thermal expansion (α)DIN 53752K-1 * 10-
Vol. resistivity (ρD)VDE 0303Ω/cm≥ 10 13≥ 10 13≥ 10 13

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