Trash chutes compactor


Trash flow from chutes to compactors to containers makes waste disposal easy and hassle-free. Sangir- Kleanchute offers Garbage / Trash Chute Compactor with Steel Containers on large casters (for easy transport to hauler tipping area) for many multi-story or multi-level applications, including Apartments, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and more. The steel containers can either be Front Load Containers or Rear Load Containers.


Stationery Compactor

Trash chutes Stationery Compactor
How It Works

Waste that is disposed of from floors above through a chute system flows into a hopper that feeds the compactors. Compactor enables the process to push the waste into the container. When the heavy-duty steel container becomes full, it is simply wheeled to the hauler tipping area for pick-up. Depending upon trash volume, it is oftentimes useful to have one or more extra containers that can be used in the compactor while the full containers are awaiting pick-up by the hauler.

All dimensions are in mm
Download Dimensions
  • Large Hopper Design

  • Extra Heavy-Duty Containers

  • Dual Side Container Latch Release

  • Container Present Switch

  • Dual Side Cleanout Doors

  • Key Operated Selector Switch

  • Front or Rear Load Containers

  • Easy Connect & Disconnect of Container with one lever pull

  • Residential Towers
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Department Stores
  • Malls
  • Airports
  • Supermarkets

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